Key Rehab response to Covid-19

Key Rehab and Covid-19: 2021

The challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic have affected us all. At Key Rehab we have done our best to respond to these challenges with a professional, compassionate, and educated approach.

At the beginning of the pandemic, there was little information and an abundance of concern and confusion. Everyone had different ideas on what should be done.

At Key Rehab, we studied the information coming from multiple sources including the CDC, CMS, and the WHO. We established a task force and mobilized our leadership team. We watched webinars and read articles that offered guidance for action while maintaining the safety of patients and staff. We collaborated with our customer facilities to maintain as consistent of an approach as possible.

As the pandemic progressed, it was impressive to see how so much of our nation began to coalesce into a more unified approach to life and safety during a public health emergency. Knowing the expected best practices made daily work, while not optimal, at least manageable. Somehow, amidst the chaos, we all found a way to take care of our patients and each other.

Now we’ve entered another time of challenge. Vaccination. Obviously, public opinion on vaccinating is deeply divided. Neither side truly understands the position/reasoning of the other. But that is what makes America great. We can be divided on an issue and yet still committed to the same goal – taking care of our patients and each other. It is also part of the professional, compassionate, and educated culture of Key Rehab. At this time, we have chosen not to mandate vaccination of our employees. We have elected to respect the wishes of each individual. However, we are starting to see movement by healthcare facilities nationally to require employees to be vaccinated. If that trend continues, and as it extends to nursing homes, we will have no choice but to require employees working in such facilities to be vaccinated.

Going forward our plan is simple and reflects our longstanding mission statement:  We will continue to:
• Provide quality, cost effective, and compassionate care to our patients,
• Support, respect, and trust our therapists while helping to assure their safety,
• Maintain open and honest communication with our staff and client facilities, and
• Educate our staff as to COVID and vaccinations.

Thank you and stay well,
Jan Irwin