Key Rehab Programs Designed to Meet Your Needs

We work closely with you to develop your rehabilitation services to help you contain costs, maximize your facility’s or company’s strengths, and provide several alternatives and options to meet your needs. Some examples of how this may be accomplished include providing a complete integrated rehab department (skilled nursing facilities or units), supplying therapy services through our private practices where we do the Medicare billing, (intermediate, residential or assisted living facilities), or enhancing your clinic with value added services (community hospitals, critical access hospitals, outpatient clinics).

We will ease the headaches of running a profitable rehabilitation department by providing quality staffing, experienced local management, nurse/MDS/survey consulting, software technologies and billing and intermediary relationships. Our systems can seamlessly integrate with your billing and clinical software in order to capture real-time treatment data (minutes, HCPCS, RUGS levels, etc…), enhancing your billing accuracy and timeliness.

We will custom design your rehab program to assist you in creating a specialized marketing niche.


Services and Divisions of Key Rehab:

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities (“The Integrated Program”)
  • Community Hospitals and Outpatient Clinics (“The Integrated Staffing Program”)
  • Psychology sevices through our GeroPsych Division