Prepare for 2012′s fall Lame Duck session now!

For all of us in the health care industry, the months of November and December of this year are going to be real nail-biters, hand-wringers, head-bangers… the cliché’s may be overly dramatic, but this fall is going to be doozey. The fate of legislation that will have deep impact on care providers and those we serve will rest in the often dysfunctional hands of a “lame duck” Congress.

Consider Pet Therapy with Patients with Dementia

'Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.' George Eliot

You may have experienced a person with dementia picking up a doll or teddy and talking to it, which we traditionally identify as a symptom of dementia. However, from a Spark of Life perspective, this behavior is seen as an unmet need to have the opportunity to care.


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