Key Rehab Programs Designed to Meet Your Needs

We will ease the headaches of running a profitable rehabilitation department by providing:

  •    quality staffing
  •    experienced local management 
  •    software technologies
  •    billing and intermediary relationships

Our systems can seamlessly integrate with your billing and clinical software in order to capture real-time treatment data, enhancing your billing accuracy and timeliness.

We will custom design your rehab program to assist you in creating a specialized marketing niche.  We will listen to your needs and customomize a program that is right for you and your residents.


Services and Divisions of Key Rehab:

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities (“The Integrated Program”)
  • Home Health and Hospice Services
  • Community Hospitals and Outpatient Clinics (“The Integrated Staffing Program”)
  • Psychology services through our GeroPsych Division
  • MDS Solutions
  • Private Practice