Elder Care Philosophy

Our philosophy on caring for elders is an important aspect of our established mission statement – both of which should be used to guide our daily practices in delivering the highest quality healthcare services. It is the philosophy of Key Rehabilitation, Inc. and its GeroPsych division that:

  • Older members of society are not worn out and without purpose.
  • Rather, they continue to grow and learn; even in the midst of dementia, learning is possible.
  • Because of their experience, they have wisdom to pass on to others.
  • The term ‘elder’ connotes respect and represents our approach to elders.  We may interchange the words “client”, “resident”, or “patient” at times, but we think of them as elders.
  • There is a distinction between treatment and caring: treatment is for a medical condition, caring is for a loved one. The elder or patient may not be a “loved one,” but we approach each patient in a “caring” manner.
  • It is all right, even preferable, to have a mutually caring relationship with our clients and patients. There are still boundaries between the roles of therapist and client, but connecting with the ‘person within’ is an act of care that goes beyond mere mechanical treatment.
  • We respect elders’ right to choose, even when they make choices that are less than optimal.   We honor each person’s “right” to make their own informed choices - our job is inform and educate to enable each elder to make an “informed choice”. 
  • We endeavor to assure patient education, so they are best able to make informed decisions.
  • We assume that elders continue to be able to express preferences, even in the presence of dementia. If their dementia prevents them from anticipating the consequences of decisions, family and friends will be consulted as to what the elder would likely have chosen at an earlier age.
  • Intervening contrary to the preference of the elder will only be undertaken with great caution.
  • Elders continue to need a sense of purpose throughout their lives. We strive to support that by providing opportunities and encouragement to do things that benefit others.
  • We strive to understand the individual and recognize their uniqueness.